About me


My name is Roman Fuhrer, I was born in Switzerland in 1980 at the beautiful lake of Biel. After finishing school I left my home and moved to the north of Germany to work in the games industry. I did my first steps as an illustrator at Software2000. The company responsible for PC classics like "Bundesliga Manager" or "Pizza Connection".

After almost two years and some PC and GBA games I moved to Hamburg to start as a graphic artist at elkware. One of the leading mobile game developer and publisher in Germany at that time. At elkware I had the opportunity to work on more then 50 successfully lunched mobile games like: X-files - the deserter, Anno mobile, Sacred mobile, Klitschko Boxing Challenge and many more. Interesting was to relive the game development history from black and white games, over sprite based games to the first 3D games. This was a very informative period.

The company was bought by Infospace and the focus shifted away from games so I moved on to the browser games industry that was still very young at this point in time. At Bigpoint which was still called e-Sports back then I worked on many new games until I took over the art lead role at the very promising space MMO Darkorbit.
The Darkorbit development team and its community grew bigger and bigger. The game has over 80 Mio. registrated users today.

After three very successful year on that product I felt that I needed a change so I moved to the newly formed concept art department within Bigpoint. One and a half year as a part of concept art team I could take over the studio concept art lead position. My team and I were working on art bible creation for new projects and support all the life games at Bigpoint. In 2014 I have been working for one year as an art director at whow games. Building up the foundation of the new social casino. Having done that I went back to Bigpoint to take over a new product, a HoG as an art director. The product has been changed a few times and I have moved on to a new yet secret game that I enjoy working on very much.


  • Photoshop 100%
  • Maya 65%
  • Flash 80%
  • Unity 85%
  • c# 45%
  • Team Leadership 100%
  • Team Player 100%
  • Dependability 100%